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  1. cheson85

    Frye's Nclex Bullets

    if you are using the 5th edition of frye's, the errors are on the ff pages: p.210 #3 bullet....vit B1 deficiency is thiamine deficiency NOT pernicious anemia which is vit B12 deficiency p.218 #2 bullet....it should have been hypokalemia NOT hyperkalemia if you can find more typo errors, take time to post it here so others (and Mr. Frye) will be aware.
  2. cheson85

    Frye's Nclex Bullets

    hi cinthern! yep, i used frye's 3,000 nursing bullets...i found it useful though there are a couple of wrong bullets...probably typo errors. the bullets are easier to review and usually stick in my recall center....but i suggest you read the bullets more than once. do a lot of practice questions from mosby's (i used the review cards...very handy), saunder's, kaplan's, etc. and read the rationales please! good luck!!!
  3. cheson85

    I Passed First Time!!!

    congratulations to you all who passed!!!:balloons: :monkeydance: :yeahthat:
  4. cheson85

    Anyone not feel freaked after nclex?

    congratulations kristiePDX!!! you're lucky your test stress was short-lived...and you passed bcoz you prepared well and possessed a good load of critical thinking skills!!!
  5. cheson85

    I Passed My Nclex!!!!!!!!!!!!

    :smiley_aa CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
  6. cheson85

    is it ok that i printed my ATT?

    good luck sweetRNlike me!!! You will make it!
  7. cheson85

    Question to all who taken Nclex recently

    :chucklehahahahaha you're a riot bahamabread!!! congratulations!!! i felt the same way after the exam...and until now am still wondering how i did it but i have so much to thank god for!!!! :smiley_aa attagirl you!!!!
  8. cheson85

    Call me crazy but I have FAITH

    good luck amyd! i will be praying for you and for all those who are going to take the boards!
  9. cheson85

    I took the NCLEX-RN today(05/22/06)

    congratulations to those who passed esp. jen and mhull!!!:balloons: good luck to those who are still waiting for their results! god bless!
  10. cheson85

    Took my NCLEX today

    I felt the same way after i took the boards last april 12...my test stopped at 75 but thanks God I passed. What's so agonizing was the waiting coz my result came after 3 weeks! Dont lose hope yet guys...no use stressing yourself. The best thing to do is pray...and I'm praying for you guys to pass.
  11. cheson85

    I Passed ! ! !

    congratulations!!! :smiley_aa
  12. cheson85

    nclex review center anyone?

    thank you viena!:thankya: i had intensive self-review for 2 months. i only used mosby's review cards (i like the rationales there) and "frye's 3000 nursing bullets." i also surfed the internet for free nclex tests :wink2: saunder's is good too. try to read your reviewers daily. good luck!
  13. cheson85

    I Passed NCLEX-RN!!!

    thank you all for posting and sending your congratulations!!!:smiley_aa to all those who will take the nclex---good luck! i will pray for you. to all those who passed recently--good luck likewise in your job as rn! presently, :wink2: i'm waiting for my work permit so i can work here in the u.s. of a.!!!
  14. cheson85

    nclex review center anyone?

    hi there kabayan mocha! suzanne is right. u're better off doing review by yourself. you can do it. determination, a ton of discipline, and prayers will see you through. you must be really serious in your review coz i tell you NCLEX is difficult and requires a lot of critical thinking! i just passed the boards which i took last april 12. i did self review. good luck!
  15. cheson85

    anxiously waiting anyone please read

    good luck anxieidty722!!! you'll make it this time. it doesn't matter how many times you take it...what matters is that you will be an rn soon!
  16. cheson85

    anxiously waiting anyone please read

    good luck anxiety!

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