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  1. busymomof6

    Hi Oklahoma!

    OSUGRAD06, I know what you mean about being scared! It's going to be great, though. (I'm relying heavily on the power of positive thinking!!) Congrats to you and I'll see ya soon!:wink2:
  2. busymomof6

    Hi Oklahoma!

    marilynmom, :balloons: congrats on getting in at UCO! Yippee!! Way to go!!:balloons:
  3. busymomof6

    Hi Oklahoma!

    Hi Fellow Okies , I just found this forum -- it looks really helpful. Good luck to everyone who is applying to schools or waiting for letters-- I know the wait is hard, but your hard work, positive thinking, and patience will pay off! I just got my acceptance letter from UCO yesterday, but I will be giving up my spot because I already accepted an offer from OU -- I will begin the Accelerated BSN program on June 1st --- please wish me luck (I'm sure I'll need it!)

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