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hlbrnmom has 12 years experience and specializes in ED, Management, Diagnostics,.

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    Age when you had your first child?

    Grandmother Age 17 Mother Age 18 #1 Son Age 27 #2 Daughter Age 30 I broke the mold!
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    PICC "team" questions

    I am in a smaller metro/rural hospital that is growing at an extremely rapid rate (65 beds now going to 100+). In 2005 we placed 180 PICC lines. Our "team" of 2 is based out of radiology/diagnostic services. We place at the bedside using ultrasound placement only. We place all types of picc lines (Bard- double/triple/groshong/non-groshong/power) using MST and ultrasound. I am looking to survery for the following questions: 1. Do one or two nurse go to place the PICC line? 2. What are your hours of service for PICC onsite vs on-call? 3. Do nurses placing the PICC do the evaluation of the xray? 4. Do you have a intervential radiologist in house that also can place? Any other insight would be greatly appreciated. THANKS for your time and help. :kiss

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