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  1. fvrblsdbym

    Riverside Regional School of Nursing

    hi my name is Tara and I just applied to Riverside's LPN program. I will tell you that I had a friend who attended the school and graduated and went on to work for Riverside in labor and delivery. I would say go for it and I have not heard anything contrary to the school at all. It would be my first choice. I did want to ask you how hard is the pre-entrance exam, how do they grade it and where you currently enrolled? If you can call them at 240-2200 to find out when the RN deadline is and they also have an evening session too.
  2. fvrblsdbym

    Who can Answer this Question?

    I'm new to this site, but I was researching all I can before I got involved. I have been convicted of a felony but none that apply to state laws that would prohibit me being a nurse. I just want to know if there is someone in the field who can tell me what my chances are. VA BON says it shouldnt prohibit licensure, but the schools say I may not be able to complete a clinical. What is the deal?

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