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  1. FuturePedsNP

    Accepted Columbia University's ETP student-meet-n-greet

    Thank you for the warm welcome. I actually live in NYC so housing won't be a problem. I just have a 5mo old, so that may make school a little difficult, by my daughter is a sweetie. When I went to the open house last year, they did say something about not being fully prepared, even after taking the NCLEX. Also, has anyone looked into tuition/work fellowships to help defray the cost of CU SON? I have not received a financial aid package, but if it was like my Social Work package from CU, funds from elsewhere will be necessary. Anyway, I look forward to meeting you all & working hard for the next year. Peace.
  2. FuturePedsNP

    Accepted Columbia University's ETP student-meet-n-greet

    Hey all, I just received my acceptance letter to the ETP program around 3/15. I am really excited. I do however have to finish my pre-reqs, A&P and MicroBio, so I am a bit uptight. Is anyone going for the Pediatric NP program? I missed the open house since I was accepted AFTER the date. Provided that I pass my classes, I look forward to meeting all of you in May.

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