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    Thanks to all of you for your replies. It is to late to go back and try to change the grades. I did look to see. I am not even sure what school I will be attending either. We move around a lot because of hubbys job. But I was looking into an associates degree for nursing. I was hoping maybe they would just look at the nursing required pre-reqs. It is embarassing to even try to go back to school. Especially with my really low GPA. I am also afraid they may not believe the reasons for why I have all Fs for the last spring semester I Was there. I mean I didn't actually attend and fail..I just missed the date to withdrawl. And my school was really not willing to help with my situation. (long story) But basically I will be taking pre-reqs...I am just nervous that if I sit here and begin to try to do some pre-reqs it may be pointless if I can't even get into a school. Now if some way they would just look at the Pre-reqs GPa I would have a chance. Like I said also I Was looking into an associates degree. And I realize how hard they are to get into. I am just feeling a little hopeless about it. Thanks again so much for your advice/suggestions I really appreicate it! michelle
  2. mechell24


    Hi everyone I am new here. I have a few questions that I would appreciate any advice/suggestions on. First off I am 24 recently moved to AK from La. I was in school down in La about 2 years ago. I was going for a Psych degree. Well in my most recent semester of school I got really sick and had a lot of problems etc. Well I couldn't go back that semester. And I unfotunatley missed the last day to withdrawl from classes. So because I didn't withdraw by the due date I received six F's on my transcript. It totally wiped out my GPA. I have since been out for 2 years. Well now I am very interested in nursing. But I am very nervous about my grades. I for sure have to take all the pre-reqs and I know that will help my GPA if I do well in them. But I am afraid even if I got an A in every pre-req it would still not be enough to bring my past GPA up enough. Also when I try to get into a school aren't they going to be like why did you have 6 F's on your last semester? Also I am interested in an associates degree. So my main question is do I even have a chance of ever getting into a nursing school? HAve any of you had or know anyone with a similar situation. I sort of feel nervous even getting started because I don't know what they would think of my bad past. And of course my GPA is so low I don't think I could ever bring it up that much. So I am just not sure what to do. Please let me know any advice/info you can offer. Thanks so much! michelle
  3. mechell24

    A few questions..

    Hello, I am new to the site as of today. I live in Barrow, Alaska. Yes its cold up here! I am 24 and looking into getting into nursing. I just had a few questions to ask you guys. First off my backgroud is I used to live in Louisiana. And I recently moved to barrow for hubbys job. And I have a few years of college behind me. But because of health/personal problems I had to quit and I have not been in school for about 2 years. My grades are not so good...actually really bad because I had to just up and quit in the middle of the semester. So I will be taking all of the pre-reqs for nursing. Hopefully that will boost my GPA some. But my first question is how much will my past effect my chances of getting into nursing school? Also there is a chance I will be moving to Anchorage, Fairbanks or Juneau soon. Do any of you know about getting into nursing school at any of those places? I was looking into getting an associates degree first and then crossing over to get BSN. Any information/advice would be greatly appreciated. I wish I was already a nurse up here in Barrow. LPNs are making 20-25 and RNs are making 32 plus and hour. Thanks for reading my post. I hope it made sense. Have a good day! michelle

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