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  1. uber_student

    Can anyone help me???

    prmenrs, thanks for movin my post to the right place, i only signed up yesterday and had a fellin i had posted in the wrong thread, thanks again! angels, thanks for the welcome. Daytonite, Thanks very much, i have taken a look at both those sites and the nurses network link was exactly what i needed! :thankya: The activities listed are exactly the same as those that i need, Thanks again. Karen xx
  2. uber_student

    Can anyone help me???

    everyone. I am a first year nursing student on a adult nursing degree programme! At the moment i have got to do a Health needs assessment based on Roper Logan and Tierney's 12 Activities of living - [evil]But i seem to have hit a brick wall! And i am really struggling! [/evil] If there is anyone who could give me any help or advise i would be eternally grateful! Thanks in advance. Karen x

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