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  1. starfire33

    Why should I be a nurse if it's so awful?

    I love where I work. The management listens to me and encourages my education and endeavors. Just this past week we (with the ok from the higher ups) played a practical joke on the Unit Manager and filled her entire office with balloons. We have dinners, we try to help eachother as much as possible, we are a family. I guess I'm spoiled. I work at Sentara Obici. Maybe its because its an oncology ward, but we are all trying to fight against negative things or maybe it just depends on where you work. Look for all the good, have a really positive attitude and find the right niche for you :)
  2. First of all.... ROCK ON! CNAs who care about what they are doing make my job a MILLION times easier! Secondly, you are right - when I got on the floor I had NO medical background except school and really didn't know how to clean up a patient efficiently, but instead of just shooing me out of the room and saying "I'll do it" while rolling their eyes one or two CNAs were cool enough to gently point out some tips and help me until I got the hang of it. There are so many CNAs AND RNs/LPNs that are a bit slack in their job that each group is super sensitive to what the other may/may not be doing. Luckily, I have found open communication and time helps. Because over time, my co-workers will realize if I DO have the time, I will do ANY task and communicate, teach, talk, and spend with my patients as much as I can. And if I am suddenly calling sixteen times to ask for help with X, Y, and Z then you will know something is going horribly, horribly wrong and maybe work with me so we can both make sure everyone is taken care of. Teamwork is awesome. :) Thank you so much for the idea of giving report to my CNA co-workers! Like your unit, nurses give report to nurses and CNAs to CNAs, I never though about how much could get miscommunicated or lost in the cracks between the two, I will try that on my unit and see how it is received. I already know some people will be irritated, and some overjoyed, but as you stated it is rarely that "over-communication" happens.
  3. starfire33

    Tips for New Interns: How To Get Along With The Nurse

    Good heavens, just TALK TO ME! Let me know whats going on! Or if I'm unavailable, write something legible in the progress notes! Heck, just write legibly period! If I do something wrong, point it out! If you have a sec, teach me why you are doing something, if one doctor did that once a day imagine how many less phone calls and bothering on site I would have to do!

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