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  1. Alcomedicism

    Hello from Arkansas

    They have a LPN program at Morrilton that Im looking at now, but looks like I will be taking the COMPASS and the NET and have everything set and done by July 1 in order to start class in August. Hopefully everything gets done that needs to be done. Thanks, Alcomedicism
  2. Alcomedicism

    Hello from Arkansas

    I am in the Russellville area, and unfortunately I do not have my EMTP (Im just a basic), so Im thinking of taking an LPN now, and when things get smoothed out over time I plan on either getting my EMTP or bridging to RN, although Im not sure which way I will go after LPN. I like EMS and Nursing so it might even be an option to get both RN and EMTP. Thanks, Alcomedicism
  3. Alcomedicism

    Deaf Nursing?

    OK this actually came up on another forum where someone mentioned Deaf Nursing or Nursing for the Deaf, where a LPN or RN was needed for hire with Americal Sign Language skills for communication at a deaf facility of some sort. (Im not sure if it was a long term care facility with several deaf residents or if this was at a deaf community or deaf school.) But anyway is it possible to have a deaf LPN/RN that works with deaf/hard of hearing patients or to ask for a nurse specifically to work with deaf/hoh patients with American Sign Language skills? Just curious....... Alcomedicism
  4. Alcomedicism

    Hello from Arkansas

    Hello from Arkansas! I am a single mom ready to go back to school to pursue my LPN (and someday my RN), I am currently a certified EMT-Basic (please dont hurt me!) I find it difficult to find financial aid for a EMTP education, plus the EMTP hours are not conducive to single parenting. I am in the process of getting my scholarships and other means of financial aid lined out in order for me to enroll in the fall at a community college to start on my LPN education. I know its not much but it is a start to a hopefully more productive life. What all entails for me to gain acceptance into an LPN program in AR? I know I will probably have to take an entrance exam that is alot like the High School exit exams. Also I have been out of High school for more than 5 years, does this also mean I will need to take the COMPASS along with the Entrance exams?? Sorry for all of the questions, but any answers will be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Alcomedicism

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