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  1. Lori417

    LICH or Beth Isreal Nursing schools

    hi, I am currently @ BMCC taking pre-reqs. I am really looking into LICH OR BI i live 3 blocks from lich. I am very up in the air about leaving my job and going to school fulltime eventhough i know this is how it will get done in a decent amount of time, i hear people with high GPA's arent getting into the program at bmcc and other community colleges. To anyone that goes to lich, there is time for people to work pt. isnt there. i am thinking of just taking out a big fat loan and doing it. I am also a single mother of a 16 year old boy, who is on scholarship to a private school, but still pay some form of tuition... and also pay rent, utilities ect....but i am starting to think the loan and a pt job...will work and its only 2 years... can someone please give me their ideas. thanks
  2. Lori417

    LICH or Beth Isreal Nursing schools

    Hi Najahli, I also go to BMCC taking pre -requisites for nursing, also live blocks from LICH. Did you recieve your packet yet. Do you know if their is going to be another open housel. Girl, I think LICH or BI is the way to go for this...

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