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  1. NWPAnurse

    NAI descent: Roll Call

    How do you look up native american ancestry. My mother has always said that there is native american blood on her mothers side, but no one in the family seems to know what tribe, how far back, or anything. I tried to do some searches. All I really know is a name- Thrasher, that was born in Upper tyrone PA. Any idea where I could start?
  2. NWPAnurse

    kids wreak of smoke...ethics question

    TazziRN and Gorgenurse- Well put. Both of those statements were not offensive and offer some good, realistic advise.
  3. NWPAnurse

    kids wreak of smoke...ethics question

    I do not take offense if a health care provider asks about smoking and informs me of information available. What I think is offensive in this thread is the judgemental attitude that smoking parents don't care about their children. It is our job to educate and promote healthy lifestyles, of all kinds. To say that as a nurse you don't judge me but as a parent you do IS offensive and WILL come across in your care. YOU have NO RIGHT to JUDGE anyone. No one has that right. It sounds like you would like us all to fo to jail for smoking in front of our kids. That is the same as jailing an alcoholic who drinks while pregnant to avoid fetal alcohol syndrome or jailing a drug user that is pregnant. All it does is cause more of a delay in getting prenatal care or having pts. lie about their habits. And, if making it illegal is the answer, where does it end. If I don't give my child their daily vitamin or make sure they eat their veggies, am I not harming them also, should that be illegal?
  4. NWPAnurse

    kids wreak of smoke...ethics question

    Yes, I smoke in my home. And yes, I know it is not good for my children. The point I am trying to make is about the judgemental attitude I'm hearing. I would feel the same way about an alcoholic or drug user. (and no, I do not drink or use drugs). As healthcare professionals, out job is not to judge people and make blanket statements- "They don't care about their kids." Not only about smokers, but the alcoholics and drug addicts along with the parents who let their kids eat ho ho's and chips all day.
  5. NWPAnurse

    kids wreak of smoke...ethics question

    My aren't we all being a bit judgemental here? To imply all smoking parents don't care about their kids is horrible!!!! How can you care for pts. that smoke with that kind of attitude. Is it just smoking or also alcoholics, drug addicts, obese pts., and the mentally ill?? Yes, I am a smoker and yes, I have kids. And guess what, I do happen to care about my kids. Maybe social services should come get them from me though. Of course, I hope you have the same attitude about people with obese kids that aren't fed the proper diet.

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