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    Most easy job in Nursing?

    If anyone finds a good job let me know. I now work in an Emergency Cardiac Unit. I work Friday, Sat , and Sun shifts of 12 hours. By Sunday night I can hardly move. We are a fast moving never sit down, eat on the run and maybe get to go to the bathroom in 12 hours if you plan it just right. You never know what is coming through that door next. On Monday I can't move to do anything and I don't want to move to do anything. Just leave me alone. I have worked Home Health Care where we were on call every other week end and at least 1 night in the week because of nurse shortage. During the day I would drive at least 180 to 200 miles per day. I went into homes that would scare the life out of me. I would be up until midnight every night to get my charting done to turn in next day. B U R N O U T......... I worked for Health Department where I was Case Manager. The other 5 staff nurses now I mean 5 nurses thought I was suppose to help them do their work plus mine. 5 nurses in such a small area. We have 2 nurses per sift in the emergency cardiac unit I work in now. These 5 nurses uniform consisted of during the summer of sun dress and stacked heels with a lab jacket. They dressed like models and acted like them. Didn't want to work. NOw they had the ideal job. Didn't pay much so I went back to my true love the cardiac unit. I have worked Maternity and Nursery which were ok jobs but night shifts with no outlook for 1st shift for years. The nurses who worked there consisted of some pretty nasty people. They guarded their property like they own the hospital and treated new nurses bad. Do you know some of those people are still there treating people the same old way. Not all were bad. Night shift took a toll on me physically. If you are looking for your ideal job in nursing you may want to think of changing your profession now. I am afraid it does not exist. Sorry. Your job is what you make of it and it has to come from you........

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