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    any FILIPINO members here?

    hi, been an RN here in the US since 2002, I have a colleague in our Residency Class for Critical Care who's been here for almost 2 years now, she worked in Ireland for 3 years prior to coming here...been telling me she regretted her decision in coming here, she said it's more stressful here - citing several things, including, RN-patient ratio, breaktimes, vacations, and the like. anyway, i'm not trying to discourage you, its really up to you, some of us can easily adapt and adjust...only thing that matters is your personal and professional happines. I also have a classmate, been working in London for 5 years and moved in San Francisco a couple years back, and she said the transition period is really hard but she said she has no regretsn in coming here.:innerconf

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