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  1. Hi there! I'm brand new to this website so I apologize in advance if a similar question has been posed. Here's my dilemma. I already have a BA in psych from UT Austin. I'm undecided as to whether to pursue a BSN or ADN. I can see pros and cons to both sides. What appeals to me about the ADN is the practical skills versus the theoretical side of the BSN. At this point I want the hands on training. I want to work ASAP. However, I do understand that many management positions require a BSN. I'm wondering that if I had my ADN plus my BA if that wouldn't make me just as competitive? Beyond that I know the advantage of the BSN is that it makes me eligible for grad school. However, my other thought is that if I have a bachelor's in another discipline, plus an ADN, plus field experience, wouldn't that make me eligible for grad school? Any thoughts? Anyone here in the same boat? Thanks! Greenmedusa

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