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melissa Q has 14 years experience and specializes in Cardiac; Pediatric.

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  1. melissa Q

    Why it's impossible to get E3 status?

    Thanks! I will keep trying...
  2. melissa Q

    Why it's impossible to get E3 status?

    Thank you for your suggestion, JustBeachyNurse! I've read through all the E3 related posts from ghilbert and from others as well. I believe his specialty is very unique and he had his E3 years ago. It seems everything has changed these few years. There is not a single person I came across has ever heard of E3 for Australian, and nobody really want to listen neither. Nurse managers are wonderful. However when it goes to the political side, nobody is willing to fill out extra paper works and take extra responsibilities. It's disconnected between the clinical needs and what policy says.
  3. melissa Q

    Why it's impossible to get E3 status?

    Dear peers. My situation is frustrating. I hope someone knew the truth could answer my questions. I also have to warn Aussie nurses who want to work in the states do not waste your time and money to come here. E3 status is treated as H1B visa which means Impossible to get in the current market. No employer would help you with it even it's only a piece of Labor Condition Application (LCA). The fact is No, a big NO NO... I knew the job market is tough worldwide. I understand US government wants to protect it's own job market. I didn't mean to compete the job opportunities either. However, life is not always by option. I wouldn't come to US if I didn't marry a Canadian. We would move to Australia if we didn't decide to settle here a year ago.I miss my critical care job and top tier pay in Australia. I thought with E3 option, job shouldn't be a mission impossible ... Let me tell you what happened. I have Bachelor degree and post graduate certificate in critical care. I've worked in ICU for over ten years with extensive critical care experience. Most positions I have applied are senior positions. I got most job offers with the interviews I have attended. Job offer is not a problem. It sounds good, right? but I still end up jobless because every single employer said can't file LCA for me, then full stop. No matter whatever I've mentioned. Such as E3 is a status with no cost, no annual cap, no complication, it's not a sponsorship, it's time efficient such, such... the final answer is still a No. I really don't understand why. Everyone seems quite happy to keep looking for local senior RNs while using overtime payment and temporary agency contracts to fill those positions rather than hire a qualified oversea RN. I think those doors are all closed. It's sad for me got stuck in between. Not sure about our Canadian and Mexican nurses. E3 status obviously is not treated the same as TN status although both are under treaties. There is very limited information regarding the E3 status especially in RN cases. I hope my own experience can give Aussie nurses some updated information.
  4. melissa Q

    Took NCLEX-RN today (08-06-2013)

    Yes you passed! I did mine on 6th Aug. in Sydney which is a day advance than you. The board emailed me for congratulation about 20 hours after I took the test. I did Pearson trick and got the same message as you got, that was after I knew I passed. So all the best.
  5. melissa Q

    Took NCLEX Today!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Congratulations! I did NCLEX on the same date as you. I passed too! Thanks so much to allnurses.com

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