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Currently NICU for last 12 years, nurse for 30years.

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  1. smbluthing

    More staffing issues

    Hi, Thanks all for your replies, I appreciate the time spent. I won't have to get used to this pod splitting snafu, I am counting the days until my contract expires...19 shifts to go. Thanks again.
  2. smbluthing

    More staffing issues

    Hi, What do you all think about having an assignment in the NICU where two babies are in one pod and two are in another, sometimes on the other side of the unit? The assumption being these are stable infants. I just feel very umcomfortable when this happens, but am told it is a standard practice. Also, what do you think about an assignment where you have two clean babies and one with VRE? Thanks ahead of time for your replies.
  3. smbluthing

    NUK Nipples

    In the nursery I now work there are a few nurses who insist on using NUK nipples for breastfeeding infants when they require bottle feedings. Where I worked before we never used them unless the infant had a special need for them. One reason I still don't use them like the other nurses where I work now do, is if the infant becomes used to them they are harder for parents to find outside the hospital and they are considerably more expensive. I would like to hear what other nurses think and have been doing. Thanks ahead of time. Linda
  4. smbluthing

    Nursing in Ireland

    Hi, This board doesn't seem too active, but I will try anyway. If there are any nurses out there from Ireland I would like to hear from you. I am an American nurse with 30 years experience, currently working NICU. Basically, I want to a recruiter to see this and offer me a job. Thanks...