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  1. NavyDoc

    Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?

    See my reply. I took the time to look through a lot of the threads. Re: Pearsonvue "Trick"..is this really TRUE? Re: Pearsonvue "Trick"..is this really TRUE? Well because today I've been really obsessing about this nclex I went thru this WHOLE forum haha. Anyhow I added up how many times people said that they were blocked from payment screen=passed(88); how many go to cc screen=failed(11); how many blocked from payment screen=failed(0); how many got to cc screen=passed(1). I didn't count anyone's friends or people that hadn't taken nclex recently. Just the ones that were posting results for themselves that they had just found out. So at least from the people that have posted to this forum it seems to be a reliable trick most the time. The wait is defently horrible! It's hard enough as it is but I made the mistake of telling EVERYONE I was taking NCLEX so everyday I have either some family or friends calling and asking if I got my results and they all know that it's a 4+ week wait in cali and I've only waited 2 so far Just hope this "trick" holds out for me too so when I get the results I can tell everyone GOOD news! This thread was posted earlier in May. So it does look promising. When I failed the NCLEX-RN 2 months ago, it did let me go all the way through to reregister - but I had not looked up this trick thing at that time. I took my re-exam yesterday. 76 questions - a lot of SATA, teaching, infection control, isolation techniques, some peds, some meds that I have never heard of (I'll chock that one up to being in the Navy and maybe we just use too many of cheapest generics that they can find), but no calculations etc... I got the you can't re-register message thing yesterday as soon as I got home, it's still showing it today and so now I'm drumming my fingers on the laptop waiting for this before I deploy on Fathers day. Hope this helps some of the other readers. HM1 (SW/AW/FMF) JB
  2. NavyDoc

    Paying for CRNA School, military

    I am active navy and can tell you this. Fort Eustis (this is the Military Med School currently located at National Naval Medical Center... all services go to this school if they are active duty... mostly as there are exceptions), requires you to have 2 years of critical care nursing in either an ICU, CCU or Emergency room setting before you can apply for the program. This is a must and without it your package will get tossed into the "don't think so" pile. Also here in the D.C. area I know that navy can go to Georgetown University for their program, but am not sure of Air Force. With Andrews AFB right down from us and Dover nearby, there is a chance that these 2 options are open to you ! I know of a few people who are transfering out of Air Force to Navy specifically for this option as most of us who are putting in for this school and meet the requirements are getting picked up. (might also be the $50,000 a year bonus they are offering on top of that as well). :) Rotations for the 2nd year from the Ft. Eustis program (clinicals) are at National Naval Medical Center Bethesda, Walter Reed Army Med Center D.C. or at Andrew (forget the name of that hospital...) or Fort Belvoir down south of D.C.. Hope this helps you... J-