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  1. Will I ever be a NURSE????

    My school required the NET (nurses entrance test). It isn't bad. There is a study guide, but I didn't find out about it until after I took the test and I still did pretty well. This site explains the test.
  2. Cheyenne nurses?

    Hi, My husband and I lived in Cheyenne for three years and had to move back to Tennessee after he was laid off from his job in Fort Collins. We were here for about 2 weeks when we realized that we had made a home in Wyoming. I will be graduating nex...
  3. Studen moms

    Hi, I'm not sure if I have introduced myself yet, but I have been reading this forum for a while. I finished my first semester with a full time class schedule and I'm finishing summer classes next week. I have a three year old, a seven year old, and ...