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  1. kiddo911crnahopeful

    Missouri State University Anesthesia Program

    the program lasts 30 months, all clinicals are performed at St. Johns Hospital, tuition is approx $5,000 for the entire program (in-state) $9,000 (out of state), the program accepts 5-8 students twice a year, the first semester is at msu-all classes, after that your time is spent at the hospital and at classes. avg work week during the program is 53-57 hours/week, 92/96 students have finished. total cases during the program avg 1239. the hospital provides health insurance to the student and family. It sounds great!
  2. kiddo911crnahopeful

    Missouri RN Survey

    1. Why did you enter the nursing profession? to help others and give myself an interesting job with a lot of different areas to work in 2. What do you like about being a nurse? talking to people. being a part of the most vulnerable moments in others lives 3. What do you not like about being a nurse? many patients and families don't understand what we do and how much thought goes into every decision we make. some think we just give shots and bandaids. 4. Do you think you get paid what you deserve? I would always like to earn more. I took a $10/ hour pay cut when I moved to missouri 5. Do you think that nurses are respected by the doctors you work with? I think that doctors respect me after i earn that respect. Alot of nurses I have worked with cower and give up their chairs when a physician comes by, I don't think this is the way to earn respect. getting involved in patient care, learning as much as i can about a disease or a medication, advocating for my patient in ways the physician has not thought about, and asking questions when i don't know things are ways to gain respect. 6. What do you wish you would have learned in school to help you in the real world? How to pick winning lottery numbers 7. What is the worst situation you have ever been in? there are too many to count. I try not to dwell on the bad ones. that carotid one sounds pretty terrible 8. What is the most rewarding thing about being a nurse? genuine smiles from patients and families 9. Do you think new-grads should start in the ER? I started in the ER. I think it was good and bad. There is a lot to learn in the ER. You have to know a little about everything. I learned quickly and got lots of experience with iv's, caths, etc. Working in an ER is hard. If you can survive there, you can do anything. 10. Are you thinking about leaving nursing? Changing goals, I will soon start CRNA school. I hope to be a nurse for at-least 25 more years, unless I win the lotto. I am 27 years old, have been a nurse for 5 years, have a bsn, have worked PICU, PEDI ER, Trauma ICU, and ICU FLOAT pool.
  3. kiddo911crnahopeful

    I want to go to Duke's CRNA program

    i interviewed there last year and did not get accepted. Most of the interview process was great, just get to know you questions. A couple of questions I was not expecting were, What research have you performed? What professional organizations do you belong to? Do you hold an office? The general impression I received from the school was that they were looking for the next president of the AANA. Which is fine. I was honest. I told the truth about future career plans and did not bs with them. Looking back I probably should have said I wanted to be the president of this or start a foundation for that, or perform research on a certain part of anesthesia. The program at Duke sounds awesome. The building is beautiful. The area in Durham is a little run down. My stats were 1280 gre, 3.5 gpa, CCRN. But I was not accepted. Good luck! I hope this info helps.
  4. kiddo911crnahopeful

    Missouri State crna program

    are you going to school there?
  5. kiddo911crnahopeful


    thanks for the information. I went to springfield this weekend and love it. i hope we can find the right jobs there.
  6. kiddo911crnahopeful

    PBDS casualty

    I too was a victim of the pbds nightmare. I had to take it twice at my current job. Every experienced nurse that I took it with had to retake it. all the new grads passed.
  7. kiddo911crnahopeful


    Anyone familar with missouri state's crna program? Anyone work at St. John's? I am considering moving to Springfield. Any info is greatly appreciated. what is the best hospital in the area for RN's? Starting pay rates? My husband will be a new grad RN. Is there an internsip or new grad program offered? Thanks!
  8. kiddo911crnahopeful

    Missouri State crna program

    Are there any SRNA's from Missouri State? How is the program set up? Just curious. Any info is greatly appreciated. thanks!
  9. kiddo911crnahopeful

    Duke Program

    Has anyone else heard from duke yet? Interviewed last monday, no news yet.
  10. kiddo911crnahopeful

    New grad in the ER, is CRNA school out of the question?

    At my first interview I had 3.5 years of ER experience and 8 months of picu. i was accepted. i started a job in trauma icu about the time i got accepted to get some more experience with adults in icu. it's possible. just apply to the programs that post on their website that they take ER experience. I really enjoy ICU and ER and feel that each experience taught me so much. good luck!
  11. kiddo911crnahopeful

    How many schools to apply to???

    i applied to five. offered to interview at 2. interviewed at 1 so far. accepted. have not heard back from the rest of the schools.
  12. kiddo911crnahopeful

    Accepted to Barry Anesthesia School

    How was the interview? I am scheduled to Interview inApril at Barry. Any tips?