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  1. seretide

    Kaplan Qbank: Worth it?

    How to get Kaplan q bank online?
  2. seretide

    Saudi Arabia - Good Idea or Not

    :up:Very infomative topic. Thanx
  3. seretide

    Is this my fault??

    Just relax.It was not ur fault. How come the icu nurse pointing to u that ur at fault. Is she a medico legal officer? Eventhough the officer cannot accuse one without proper evidence or reason.
  4. seretide

    Doctors comments about not trusting his Nurses

    I feel u should report the matter to the nurse manager. Some doctors acts very badly infront of patients relatives to show off their status.But they should learn some ethics.
  5. seretide

    Ever caught a visitor playing with an IV pump??

    Yeah,Once one of the visitor took the patient to toilet, she was on aminophylline, insulin, and other side kcl drip.She insisted to go toilet inspite of our explanation reg condition of patient.Once the nurse left the place the stubborn visitor removed the infusion tubing from the machines and took her to toilet. The infusion was flowing freely and pt collapsed after few minutes.Thanx God the pt survived
  6. seretide


    Actually what i am practising is to double check the medicines (watever it is like insulin, heparin iv antibiotics or oral drugs)before administering to a patient to avoid ANY ERROR.We just follow 5R.
  7. seretide

    Bad Contracts with Bad Agencies

    Thanx suzane for your great advise about these matters.We will be careful in future.
  8. seretide


    Hi friends, I am a staff nurse from Brunei Darussalam & new member to this forum. Just want to say hi to everyone . Very good updates.