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  1. blkdbz

    HELP!!! Which school do I choose

    I go to BHSN and love it. You get twice as much clinical time then the state requires. The instructors are very helpful and seem to not want anyone to fail. They usually offer a program where if you work for Bridgeport Hospital for 2 years then they will pay for your schooling. It is a diploma program not Associates degree, if that matters to you. I know Housatonic has a program in which if you take your prerequisite classes there they will let you get an Associates in Nursing once you pass the NCLEX. It is a good school with great NCLEX passing rates. Not sure of NCC - check into it.
  2. blkdbz

    Accepted at Bridgeport Hospital

    FutureNursey...... Congratulations. It is a great program.
  3. Good luck to both of you! I go there now and I really like it. The instructors are very helpful and they all seem to want you to succeed. It is tough and a lot of work. Even with that I enjoy it. Again, best of luck
  4. blkdbz

    Diploma Program

    Hi, First off I am in Connecticut. I am in a diploma program here and I will have the same RN license as anyone else who went and got an Associates Degree or BSN. BSN's are usually needed when you want to move up from clinical work into management. Although there are some specialties that like the BSN, but it is not required. My A&P professor, who is the advisor for the Hospital based program I am in, said the Associate Degree or Diploma nurse will make the same amount of money because they will have the same RN degree. The same NCLEX-RN is taken no matter what your degree is. As a matter of fact the same BSN degree nurse will have the same RN degree, but will have more avenues open. Again, I cannot speak for your state, but in CT a diploma vs Associates is no different pay wise or opportunity wise. The only difference with BSN is more opportunity. To be certain, check with your state nursing office and ask them. Also, if your diploma program your interested in is hospital based it is probably a great program. It has probably been around a long time too - my school is over 100 years old. Best of luck Here is a link to Missouri nursing organizations http://www.monursing.org/
  5. blkdbz

    Pharm help *Math*

    Ok for ratio/proportion problems you would 1. Multiply the inner numbers (means) 2. Multiply the outer numbers (extremes) 3. Put the number with the X on the left 4. Solve for X Example 2:10::5:X 2X = 50 X = 25 Hope it helps
  6. blkdbz

    Bridgeport Hospital School of Nursing anyone??

    Hey everyone going to BHSN! :balloons: Just wanted to say 2 weeks from today we start. (As if everyone is not aware of it) I'm just very excited and a little nervous. Sure wish we would get our email today with our schedules. Best of luck to all
  7. blkdbz

    Darn Chemistry Pre-req's

    Frecklestoo....I just sent you a private message
  8. blkdbz

    Bridgeport Hospital School of Nursing anyone??

    We will not know when orientation is until BHSN sends us the letters stating. There letter a week or so ago stated we would receive more info in a few weeks. Also, just an FYI that no one enters the accelerated program in the fall. The accelerated program means you go through the summer of next year and graduate in Dec 2008.
  9. Royr, Congratulations! It is a great essay. It inspired me and brought a tear to my eye.
  10. blkdbz

    Bridgeport Hospital School of Nursing anyone??

    ****Thank you so so much for the information. I often wondered if I would need all the books they say to buy. I have now added LOTS of paper to my list. Also, let your class know the idea of Mentor a Freshman sounds great from someone who is entering this fall. PS - what type of digital recorder do you use?
  11. blkdbz

    Bridgeport Hospital School of Nursing anyone??

    Melcia060.....Thank you for the information. I'm very excited. Hey, is their accelerated program hard to get into?
  12. blkdbz

    Bridgeport Hospital School of Nursing anyone??

    Hi, Han2009 and Leeann337 - I am hoping for days too. Hope we get some info soon.
  13. blkdbz

    Bridgeport Hospital School of Nursing anyone??

    Melcia, Hi, I'm starting Bridgeport in the Fall. The majority of the past years they have been offering it, but I had been told that this year they are not offering the contract for the first year, but they will in my second year. They will reimburse me for the first year if I sign in the second year. Their reasoning was they have so many that do not even make it through the first year so it would be advantagous for them to wait until the second year. As far is if I will sign it.....I am considering it immensely. My problem is I live in Meriden and it is a 45 minute ride....I don't know if I want to drive that far to work....It'll be bad enough driving there for class. Are you starting in the Fall? I can not wait to get started. mdc58.....I am choosing BHSN because it was the only school I applied too. They told me it is different then most programs because of having the hospital enviroment....You are in the hospital the very first week. They said you have lab then the next day a clinical setting on what you learned in lab. Other than that I really do not know much at all.....I wish they'd give us some info!
  14. blkdbz

    Happy-happy Joy-joy! I GRADUATED RN SCHOOL!

    :balloons: :monkeydance: Go right ahead and celebrate! You deserve it Congratulations!
  15. blkdbz

    Bridgeport Hospital SON - Length?

    HI, I was just accepted to start this September and the program runs until May 2009. They have an accelerated program, for those with the best grades in the nursing program, which would end Dec 2008. As far as signing a contract - all I know is that when they do offer it - if you agree to sign a contract and work there for 2 years after graduation then they will not charge you tuition.
  16. Hi, I'm from CT. I will be starting nursing school in September at BHSN.