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  1. Following Dr.s Orders

    Hi Leslie, I wanted to let you know how much your email inspired me!! I feel honored to call myself a nurse and I remember why I wanted to be one!! Thank you for putting it back in perspective for me. Kimberly
  2. Following Dr.s Orders

    Hi tablefor9, Thank you so very much for your words of wisdom. I have thought the same thing. I'm kind of doing #3 to see what the next move should be. Striving for peace and harmony in the workplace! Its really a soul-searching process, but in ...
  3. Following Dr.s Orders

    Basically, we are a lymphedema clinic that has started doing wound care. They hired me just for wounds. I called the Dr. to update on a pt r/t increasing s/s of infection. Just to update. I also let the Dr. know about lab results that she ordered...
  4. Following Dr.s Orders

    Thank you piglet08!
  5. Following Dr.s Orders

    Please help! I am a wound care nurse at a clinic. I followed my Dr's order today, and I was told I am not allowed to...that I have to follow the company's direction, not the Dr. The Dr. is supporting me and I truly feel I did the right thing for m...
  6. Any other newbies like me needing some encouragement?

    Hi Newbie, I just applied for the Excelsior Program and would love to find a friend doing the program! Not sure which classes I need yet, but I will let you know. I am scared too, hope I can do it. But with 3 kids and a part time job, I can't atte...