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  1. SuperStockRN

    Are all floor nurses rude to ER nurses?

    I love the excuse that ER "holds" patients for shift change time. That may be true for the floors, working 12 hours or 8 hour shifts, 7a-7p or the 7a-3p routine.... RARELY do ERs have the same shifts! ! ! ! ! Many of the ERs I have worked at have 3a...
  2. SuperStockRN


    I would omit that position from my resume. Isn't that an extreme punishment? Wouldn't they be willing to hear your side of things and evaluate whether you truly meant to give the med, etc.? It is unexceptable to just "give" the meds to the patient, s...
  3. SuperStockRN

    In over my head (long)

    this is good news!!!! that pit in your stomach that made you go out and ask the veteran to help you is (hopefully) the beginning of what will become your best friend- intuition. not every nurse has it, but good ones definitely do! you might dismiss i...
  4. SuperStockRN

    Full Circle, My First Year of Nursing

    That was great to read your post! I am an ER RN- 2.5 yrs into it, and I just realized how much I love my job within this last 6 months, so I am so happy to see that you had a similar course... maybe it wasn't "just me"!
  5. SuperStockRN


    It would likely depend on the nature of your firing? Since it was within the 90 days you might me able to "omit" it, or if it is something like going into OR when you really wanted to be in ER, perhaps it would be a good interview point that they wou...
  6. SuperStockRN

    Do You Look Like A Nurse?

    They say I do... once a PA said... your face... it looks, "nice". I thought maybe my makeup was especially good that say or something. He preceeded to explain that I have a friendly look -cherub like. Yah - I am pretty sure that it's the porcelain sk...
  7. SuperStockRN

    requirements of a foreign nurese?

    How does the process compare for American Nurses? So far I've researched the process and I have seen that the visa is easy to obtain as a nurse and that it is expidited if you have a job waiting... Also, can you make sense of the currency exchange? $...
  8. SuperStockRN

    New RN already ready to quit!

    When I was about 3 months out of school I thought I wanted to do OR. So, I started at a brand new surgery department as a circulator. HATED IT within about 3 weeks. I had lost interest. But I held in there for about another month thinking that maybe ...
  9. SuperStockRN

    Made first med error :( Filled out first OAR.

    As a new nurse, it is very important that you take the time to look up information about all new medicines, doses, etc. For a few more days anyway, you are in orientation, and hopefully your preceptor will understand and encourage you to look info up...
  10. SuperStockRN

    Are new grads hired for agency work?

    I agree with the earlier posts that it is not a good idea to go into Home Health Agency work until you get some experience. I would decide what kind of Home Health you are interested in - adult, child, infant, geriatric, critical care (ventilators), ...
  11. SuperStockRN

    Thinking about PRN

    Have you considered Agency Work? There are local nursing agencies, versus the national kind. I do that, and I am able to tell them when I am available and when I am not. They pay a little better than PRN. PRN rates at hospitals are usually about 1.5 ...
  12. SuperStockRN

    Waiting for IN licensure by endorsement

    I did this in 2005 from Michigan. Although they are proficient, I was missing one part of the process so it was delayed about a month. My advise would be to absolutely check and make sure everything is there. If you have certified mail receipts, etc....
  13. SuperStockRN

    Warsaw Area Hospitals

    Goshen General is a Magnet Hospital and is revered (and recognized) as having great dedication and respect for it's nurses. They pay well, as far as I know, and I knew (a few years back) quite a few nurses in the ER. I also have some friends on the O...
  14. SuperStockRN

    Need to Interview a Nurse

    Sometimes I wish I knew as much as I thought I did starting out. Yes, as a graduate nurse we were very educated on simple procedures/equiptment, but we didn't actually know how to use the equiptment or know the implication of the diseases we thought ...
  15. SuperStockRN

    how much Indiana nurses make

    Well, a little more information from my earlier post: I earned the 18.00 by going into Michigan (we live right at the state line) which was paying about $2 more per hour as I remember. But, I went back to ER in Indiana when I made that switch. The a...