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  1. reanda

    What do patients say that irks you?

    " Do you know what you are doing?" I had a patient ask that question when I came in to start her IV. I said, "Well, I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night and I did watch it done on tv so I think I can get this!" Her eyes were wide open and I said, " I've done this several hundreds of times so yes I know what I'm doing!!
  2. I am an ob nurse so I had a patient come to the ob triage with a complaint of her water broke. Her husband was with her and he asked me if the swelling in her ankles could be because her water was leaking and was running down into her ankles !!!!!!!
  3. reanda

    What is professionalism?

    What about an experienced rn with 25 yrs + who cannot complete her own work, or care for no more than one patient, but will find the time to go in behind other nurses and "undermine" what that nurse is doing in caring for her patient? Is it professional to make it look as if the primary nurse does not know what she is doing (providing she is very competent and does know) ? How about when this particular "glory grabber" goes in another patients' room (assigned to another rn) and "creates problem" and leaves the primary nurse to take care of it? What do you do about a rn who can't carry her own load but wants to "meddle" in every other rn's load to create problems that are not there so glory grabber rn, can look as if she has "saved the day"? This particular rn will extemely exaggerate a report of a patients' condition to get a dr to admit the patient. She will tell a dr the patient is having contractions that the other nurses can plainly see the patient is NOT having. She will constantly call the dr and tell him the fetal heart rate is decelerating when in fact it may be just a variablilty (with in normal range) of the heart rate. The other dr's are very frustrated with her and some have requested she NOT care for their patients because she creates problems that are not there. She never competes her admission forms nor delivery books. The other nurses have to do this, if the work is to be done. This nurse is becoming more and more absent minded. This particular nurse has even, repeatedly, called in when she knows one of the other nurses (who works rings around this nurse ) will not be in to work on that day. This nurse will call the supervisor and ask for more nurses to come in to work when in fact the extra help would not be needed if this particular nurse would do her job and not try to waste time by doing unnecessay things. What do you do ? We are all very frustrated by this nurse. We have gone to our nurse manager but nothing has been done. HELP! Frustrated:angryfire