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  1. Ques. about presetting up of meds

    In PA. it is absolutely against state reg's to pre-set meds! We have had the state pop in several times early in the morning, and it would be a big deficiency for the facility and I'm sure disciplinary action for the employee. That is the reasoning b...
  2. resident abuse

    Not sure about your state, but most require the accused to be removed from the FACILITY until investigatin is comeplete, also a report must be filed with the state reporting the abuse. Believe it or not, some DON's don't know to or try not to report ...
  3. nurse aides rules

    Just my 2 cents worth here..............if anyone is hearing a CNA or ANYONE "yell" at a resident, that is verbal abuse and if you are aware of it and do not report it, you could be charged with abuse also! I find that verbal abuse is so rampant and...
  4. Shortcuts

    Hi! It would be helpful to know what area of nursing you work in. There are so many different regs for different areas of nursing. In LTC where I work......we have an hour grace to get the meds out.....because your assignment can be anywhere from 20 ...
  5. How much do you make?

    LPN - Charge Nurse LTC 5 1/2 years $15.75 (day shift, full time, full benefits) (It's $2.00/hr. more for 3-11 but not feasible for me!)
  6. Depressed over salary

    I don't think that this shows that the pay for nurses is good......it just shows that the pay for police officers is terrible!
  7. "Eating Our Young" and Ethics

    While I'm sure that some preceptors DON'T start out on a positive note, in my experience, most do. However.....a LOT depends on the way the information being taught is recieved. Attitude is EVERYTHING!!!!! Yes we were all new at one time but we all d...

    In LTC settings side rails are a big no no. On admission, we have to automatically get an order for 2 siderails DOWN, then re-eval after 3 days. The theory is that we will only use them IF a need for them has arisen, and then they can only be used if...
  9. Depressed over salary

    Ne Pennsylvania......starting for LPN is $15.00/hr. and we now have a $2.00/hr. shift differential for 3-11.....plus incentives for weekends. I know this is probably good, but it is still frustrating that with my experience and high skill level.....m...
  10. Mistakes

    Our "do not use" list was an "actual" list. It's different from the "not eligible for re-hire" list used for staff nurses. You CAN have an actual list for agency nurses because it is entirely the facilities choice as to using certain nurses or not. ...
  11. Anyone ever had a kidney stone?? Yowzer!

    I've had multiple stones over the last 25 years, the pain is unbelievable!! Almost worse though is the chronic pain associated with what I have 'Medullary Sponge Kidney" which means I am a repeat stone former. The chronic pain comes from the crystals...
  12. What Freaks You Out?

    ANY teeth thing is GROSS! We have acouple of really yucky trach's right now on our floor in LTC......I can suction and go to lunch....no problem. The WORST is when they throw up and the teeth are FLOATING in the emesis basin!!!!!1 AHHHHHHHH!!!! When ...
  13. staging pressure ulcers

    Because of this problem, we solved it by our wound measurement sheets. Our wounds are measured on a weekly basis and our sheets have a column that states the actual stage (because you can't downstage a pressure ulcer) and another column that states "...