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  1. lilihana

    ON-line NP programs

    Hi Brainbass, are u going in jefferson University in PA? I am very interest to do my ANP in this school. how is the program how intensive is it? how do u find your precetor for clinical? pls give all info. u can. is that true all classes are online? I really appricate your respond.be happy to hear from u.
  2. lilihana

    God answers your prayer

    thank you roseshea
  3. lilihana

    God answers your prayer

    Thanks, starmatrix17,Cash,Jbel83,ONONOTAGAIN,emmsha,Matilda50,Jess2007. I will pray for the rest of Nclex test taker.
  4. lilihana

    God answers your prayer

    Hello everyone, first i want to say thank you God for light that shines my path and replace all my fears with his peace. Second i want to thanks every single person in this site that support and encourage me to Pass Nclex. Today God open new chapter in my life. I pray for people who are waiting for results or they having nclex in furture. Keep in mind that God will answer your prayer. lilihanaRN;)
  5. lilihana

    took NCLEX-RN*3 today

    :balloons::balloons::balloons:congrat to you jessy rn. best of luck to your career.
  6. lilihana

    Success with Nclex :)

    Hello luv2luvlife,I have question regarding the Canadian Board can you please PM me, thanks lilihana
  7. lilihana

    Re: Good NCLEX Preparation Material

    Hi suzanne 4 This is lilihana I am nursing student. And English isn't my first language. I wonder when is time for Nclex do they give me more time to do my test??? and second question is I want to buy nclex book but don't know which one can you help me with that. And the last question is I read in this site that you are teaching???? I really appricate your help.. lilihana