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  1. PegJS

    Becoming a Community Health Nurse

    So, what services do you provide? You cover the whole state ... what state? Those similarities that you mention are part of the problem with defining PHNs. Depending on where you are there can be many overlaps in services ... even within one state. For example, jail nurses are part of the public health system on the west side of the state but here on the east side they are county employees and the Public Health Nurses are employed by an independent Public Health District that is overseen by the Board of Health .... an 11 member panel made up of mostly politicians. The one universal is the total lack of funding. The erosion of services performed by PHNs are also a fairly constant theme.
  2. PegJS

    Any Public Health nurses here?

    I am a Public Health Nurse in Washington State. Here it is required (in most cases) that Public Health Nurses (PHNs) have their BSN. It is usually better to have at least a year's hospital experience before taking most jobs as it is an extremely autonomous practice. Med Surg is not necessarily the best practice to be in, however. Much of what we do is Maternal Child and so perinatal and peds are important knowledge to have. I have worked in big hospitals, long term care, and home health ... but Public Health is absolutely my passion. It is emotionally and psychologically challenging and you have to have good boundaries and a strong support system ... but I believe it is nursing at its core ... holistic. However, you have to believe (and sometimes use it as a mantra) that all people have the ability for growth and change!