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  1. YdeGirl

    Graduation Whites!!!!

    hi I wore a white Dickies top at my graduation, it was a mock wrap similar to this one, http://www.lifeuniform.com/cgi-bin/nlnetupd.bat?request_id=CMKTSTY&stylea=13902-&styleb=13902-ZZZ&desc=Contrast%20Trim%20top&img=13902.jpg&lvl1=1000&lvl2=2030&lvl3=13902&lvl4=&lvl5=&emb=EMB&sty_price=24.99&LOC_NO=001&reqr_type=O&reqr_id=NEW%20CUSTOMER&AUTH_ID=&co_id=LU/&co_id=LU/ in all white, and tied in the back. It was very cute and I can still wear it to work in (if I'm brave enough to wear white :) good luck, and congratualations!
  2. YdeGirl

    Did You Guys Pay Too Much Tuition Too?

    oh my I graduated last year from a PN program here in Columbus, Oh, and my total student loans are only $8,000.00 (and that was taking out extra money per quarter too, to pay for books, uniforms, etc) The program was only 7 quarters, no waiting list, and currently no waiting list, classes starting twice per year just fyi
  3. YdeGirl

    inexperienced, question about dilation

    thanks When I actually sit down and think about it, I know it doesn't make any sense. But now there are about 4 ladies here that are trying to convince a guy I work with that his wife (who is giving birth any day) is going to dilate to 20cm, that it doesn't matter what his childbirth classes said, and that sex with his wife will never be the same! (poor guy, luckily I don't think he's paying attention to their claims) It's just getting crazier and crazier here today. I just hope that one of the nursing homes I applied to calls soon!
  4. hi I just have a (hopefully) quick question I'm hoping you can help me with. I graduated just this June from LPN school, and had only 1/2 quarter of OB. When we did our OB rotation, we learned from the doctors and nurses at the hospital and our textbook that the typical cervix will dilate to 10 actual cm, and that the way this is measured is by the nurse/doctor using their fingers and then comparing this measurement to a chart or ruler (or by experience). Today I overheard a woman I work with telling someone about to give birth that the cervix actually dilates to 20 cm, and that they way they measure this is when the doctor can fit BOTH OF HIS HANDS OUT FLAT inside?! I just want to find out the truth, as I am at work and don't have my textbooks here. She says that is what her doctor told her? I guess I need to go back over my material on this subject. thanks
  5. YdeGirl

    Please Help!

    hi. I don't know about the RN program, but I just completed the LPN program there, while working full time. It was tough, I can tell you that. And I've heard that the RN program is a much tougher program to get through. (i'm hoping to start in next year, doing the lpn to rn) I was lucky at my job in that we get 14 hours a month ALB time, that we can take anytime. So during the quarters that the classes weren't too bad I just worked like crazy, and took a day off here and there, and saved my leave so that I had just under 2 weeks going into our final quarter, which was hell. :) I tried to take off a day a week, or at least a day every other week, since between work and school I was working 7 days a week. (all day clinicals sat and sunday) I think that if you are organized and determined, and if you understand that you basically won't have a social life (i had people calling me to ask if i still lived in the area since they hadn't heard from me) then you can do it. Just keep telling yourself that it's only for X months, then it will be over. I don't know if you are already getting loans, but you can go to the financial aid office and tell them you want an Unsubsidized loan, and all you have to do it sign a form for it, and they direct deposit it to you. Usually about $1000.00 per quarter, which can really help when you have to take more days off to study, and can't use all your vacation time. -I know you're not supposed to do this, but if it helps you get through school, then is that really bad? Anyway, I wish you luck Regards Michelle
  6. YdeGirl

    does anybody knows???

    hello Please see the link below, for a list of Practical Nursing programs in New York State. thanks http://www.op.nysed.gov/nurseprogs.htm
  7. YdeGirl

    LPN program at Columbus State

    hi I would try to contact Sherry Bockus, the program director, or Sharon Ward, who is her assistant. Try to get to Sherry if you can, since I think that Sharon is slow getting back to you sometimes. I think they just pretty much take apps all the time, and then fit you in when they can. I don't know about now, but when I started there was no waiting list, so my friend and I got right in. We just applied as soon as we had all but one or two of our prereqs done, and we were scheduled to finish them the next quarter. I think it was January, and we started in September. All the jobs I've heard of are in ltc or homecare. Which works for me, since I'm hoping to start in the RN program next year. If you have your LPN license, you can apply anytime, and they get you into the RN in the first available space, since you don't have to take all of the classes, you get to skip some. Good luck!
  8. YdeGirl

    LPN program at Columbus State

    hi I'm graduating next week from the LPN program there. Do you know the name of the advisor you spoke to? Michelle
  9. YdeGirl

    Your State Laws. Your Workplace Laws.

    I have seen her other posts on this same topic. She posted that she has gone to see an attorney about getting her job or certificate back, and the lawyer said there was nothing they could do to help.
  10. YdeGirl

    Your State Laws. Your Workplace Laws.

    nurse aide registry who do i contact about my nurse aide registry status? wisconsin nurse aide registry (promissor) po box 13785 philadelphia, pa 19101-3785 phone: toll-free (877) 329-8760 monday – friday 7:00 am – 4:00 pm central standard time web-based registry(http://www.asisvcs.com/services/registry/search_fs.asp?cpcat=0750nurse) (exit dhfs) via www.promissor.com(http://www.promissor.com/) (exit dhfs) 24 hours per day/7 days per week
  11. YdeGirl

    Your State Laws. Your Workplace Laws.

    Here is a link to your state's Nurse Aide Training and Registry, which includes copies of your state's statutes regarding aides, and a list of names of people who have been removed from the state registry for violations. I'm sure if you contact them they can help you find the information you are looking for. Since this discussion board is not limited to Wisconsin, many of us cannot tell you what your local laws and regulations are. http://dhfs.wisconsin.gov/caregiver/NATD/NATDintro.htm
  12. YdeGirl

    Once You Lose,you're History!

    The OP is talking about losing her nurse aide license. Evidently she was let go like 3 times in the last year for misconduct. I've read some of her other posts here about it. So anyway, it's not a nursing license, it's an aide license in question.
  13. YdeGirl

    PCA/CNA whatever jobs, Columbus area

    I don't know much about what they offer, I just know that they do offer that, from talking with the nurses at St Ann's and Mt Carmel West, since I've been there for clinicals the last 3 quarters. My clinical instructor this quarter actually works at Mount Carmel, and she helps out in the IV education courses there. She told us that at West, they do onsite training for the PCA's and other personnel. You can also check at any vocational high school. I know the ones in Delaware and Marion both offer short term coures in Aide training. I would think if there are any schools like that in Columbus they might offer something like that too. Good luck!
  14. YdeGirl

    PCA/CNA whatever jobs, Columbus area

    Columbus State offers Mult 120 and 126, which is nurse aide training and patient care assistant. Also, the Mount Carmels offer training onsite hope this helps
  15. YdeGirl

    Columbus State??

    I'm in my last quarter of the LPN program there, and they have given us information on the LPN to RN track. If you go on the Nursing department homepage, and go to the Nursing section, there is a link for "LPN to RN admission requirements" Should help you out :)