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  1. CAN any QI or QAnurses please help me??

    Go to Sign up for the "open school." there are free online courses you can take, print out and bring with you on interviews for your proof of completion.
  2. Holiday gifts for staff

    I'm in my first year as a nurse manager. I am trying to figure out what I should do for the holidays for my staff. I was hoping you all could share your ideas with me on what you do for your staff. It will be out of my own pocket, roughly 65 employee...
  3. Interview needed

    I need to interview a Public health nurse for school and turn in on Sunday 11/4/07. If anyone is interested in helping a nurse in need, please PM me. Thanks.
  4. MSN or MBA/MM

    MrChicagoRN: I completely understand your situation. I am currently in nursing management and trying to decide between a MSN with leadership and management vs. MBA vs. MHA. I want as many doors as possible to be open to me, and having difficulty deci...
  5. I have an Interview! Questions?!

    I was going to reply to your post, but then I realized you must have already had the interview. Let us know how it went when you hear. Good luck!
  6. Online BSN I would like experiences!

    i'm in the same program as tweety at florida hospital college of health sciences. i agree with qtbabynurse that the work is challenging, and definitely not easy. i love the experience and think that it's the only option i'll consider for my masters.
  7. Online Training site found.

    I agree. Yikes!
  8. RN-BSN Online

    I'm currently in Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences RN-BSN program. 100% online, and I'll have it done in 2 years. I really enjoy it. It's inexpensive in comparison to other schools. $230/credit hour.
  9. Online Training site found.

    I'm not following your post. What is this???
  10. I did it!

    Contgrats and keep us posted how it's going! That's awesome!
  11. Some Questions

    I'd try working a "floor" med/surg/tele, whatever for at least a year. Then move to critical care, and finally an ambulatory surgery/ outpatient unit for a year. I believe that you need a broad range of experience in order to make good decisions as a...
  12. What is reasonable in terms of tuition?

    I think Vanderbilt is a very expensive school. I could never swing that tuition or justify it.
  13. Getting my MBA

    I, too, am interested in an MBA/Healthcare Administration. I'm currently finishing my BSN and work as a nursing supervisor. I really enjoy it. I have spoken to people at the hospital I work at and gotten their viewpoint. Those that have an MBA or MS ...
  14. Is it in my future??

    Patience, hard work, people person. Know when to bite your tongue. You have to enjoy being in charge and making decisions, even when you're not sure of yourself. You have to be able to act like everything is okay, even when it's not. Leading by examp...
  15. As a NP do you miss bedside care?

    I live in NY state and we have an RN who became a cardiology PA and still works through an agency per diem as an RN because she loves nursing, too. I have worked with an NP in the ICU who took her first job as an NP with the critical care group in o...