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  1. License endorsement to California

    Hi! I already got my license it took 4 weeks for them to review. is there any way that your school can expedite the process? Is it their first time to process license endorsement to Cali?
  2. License endorsement to California

    Hi! I uploaded everything straight to breeze except for the docs required from the school. I suggest you should ask your school for the international verification form. Ask your school regarding apostille. I'm sure they have a knowledge about it. You...
  3. License endorsement to California

    Hi! Yes. I uploaded all of the documents right after I paid for the application. documents: 2x2 photo, prc license, diploma, TOR, SSN, green card, passport old and new (they require the passport you have during your nursing school) - all pages, an...
  4. License endorsement to California

    Thank you for your response. The "license verification form" deficiency is removed and they are waiting for the documents from the school. I'm not sure but some people say it depends on who reviews your application.
  5. License endorsement to California

    Hello, I'm from the Philippines and also a registered nurse from that country. I have uploaded my diploma and philippines nursing license to the breeze account. Now, its asking me for the international verification form. I would like to ask if I shou...