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emy912 has 5 years experience and specializes in Medical/Legal.

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  1. emy912

    Anyone going to Modesto Junior College?

    I graduated from MJC two years ago & have 2 size small uniform tops. The last semester still uses the same uniform tops so hopefully, they haven't change to a new style. If someone needs it, please send me a message.
  2. emy912

    I cried all night...NEED YOUR FEEDBACK!

    This is a scenario that often comes up in job interviews. Which pt/resident will you assist first. The correct answer always pertains to patient safety. If the resident was a fall risk, you should have taken care of him first. Sorry you had to learn the hard way. It sounds like you're a caring CNA, otherwise you would not feel the way you do. Please don't quit.
  3. emy912

    I need help passing NCLEX!!!

    I graduated in December of 2008 & took my NCLEX-RN the first week of February 2009. I passed the first time answering 75 questions. The hospital I work for sent me to a 4 day review w/ Drexel (also provided w/ Qbank at Drexel) answered all of the questions & got 60-75%. I also used Kaplan and answered 2000 questions from Saunders. I was able to see the questions presented in different ways, which ultimately helped me in passing. Stay positive & good luck!
  4. My counselor recommended that I go through the LVN program at my college instead of waiting till I get accepted into the RN program. I got excellent grades in the LVN program so it raised my GPA. I graduated from the LVN program in June of 2007, got into the LVN upgrade at my college in the fall of 2007 & accepted into the 3rd semester of the RN program in the Spring of 2008. I'm happy to say that I am now an RN & working on the telemetry department at a local hospital. My suggestion is for you to meet w/ your college counselor & find out your options. Good luck!
  5. emy912

    Help! At risk of failure!!

    My suggestion is to buy a Nursing Diagnosis book or cards. It will give you all the information you need to complete your assignment. Good luck!
  6. emy912

    Has any one felt like quiting

    Please don't quit. Hang in there! I also felt that way last November because I was working full-time and trying to do 13 twelve hour shifts for my preceptorship. I would come home and just cry because I was so exhausted. I am happy to say that I graduated from my ADN program in December and last week, I passed state boards and I am officially an RN. It was all worth it in the end!!
  7. emy912

    Anyone going to Modesto Junior College?

    I'm in my 40's by the time I completed all of my prereqs for the ADN program however, my counselor suggested that I go through the MJC LVN program instead of the usual application process due to the long wait. I was able to get into the LVN upgrade class right after I got my license and luckily, got accepted into the MJC ADN program the 1st time I applied. Because I already went through 18 months of the LVN program and I had my license, I only had to do the 3rd and 4th semester of the ADN program. I am happy to say that I recently graduated from my ADN program and will begin working at Memorial Medical Center as a CNR next month. My suggestion to R.odriguez is to make an appointment w/ a counselor at the Allied Health to go over your transcript and as soon as you know that you have completed all of the graduation requirements, sign up for the LVN upgrade class. Leanne Bartels teaches the upgrade class and she is also the 3rd semester director so she will be one of the instructors that will make a decision on whether you get into the program or not. Good luck!
  8. emy912

    A question and my story

    I agree with the Commuter. I'm currently completing the 3rd semester of my ADN program (I'm doing the LVN upgrade program at my college). One of the girls in my class, who was also doing the LVN upgrade, was asked to leave because she questioned everything her clinical instructor told her to do, i.e. as a student, make sure you give insulin with the RN being present, etc. In any case, she's having a hard time finding another school that would accept her into their program because she was kicked off another program. So the best thing to do is to go back to your previous school, finish what you started, keep your mouth shut and do what they tell you to do. Ultimately the goal is to get your RN. Good-luck!
  9. emy912

    I Need help with Medical Math...

    Here's a good website to help you. http://home.sc.rr.com/nurdosagecal/ I started 3rd semester of the ADN program at my college, upgrading from LVN to an RN and this is the website they give to help the students. Good luck to you in nursing school.
  10. emy912

    LPN to RN

    I completed my pre-requisite for the ADN program at my college however, I went through the LVN program first. I got my license in September 2007 and got into the LVN transition to RN class last Fall. I am happy to say that I got accepted into the LVN upgrade this Spring and will start 3rd semester of the ADN program at my college on January 7th and will graduate in December 2008. This was the best scenario for me because I didn't have to wait to get into the traditional RN program.
  11. emy912

    NCLEX-PN: "quick result" on pearsonvue.com ?

    You pay $200 just to take the test and once you pass, you will have to pay $120 for the actual license. I went up to Sacramento, paid my $120 in person and was issued a temporary license. One week later, my name and license was on the website.
  12. emy912

    How long did it take you to feel comfortable in LTC?

    Your post really made me feel good, so thank you. I've just completed my 1st month as a new LVN and I'm always the last to leave for the night.
  13. emy912

    Shoes...what do you wear?

    I work the pm shift and I'm on my feet all shift so at the end of my shift I noticed that my low back and knees would start hurting. I went to the Good Feet store and bought inserts that I can wear inside any shoes I wear. It's a little expensive, but I no longer suffer from back ache or pain in my knees since I got the inserts.
  14. emy912

    Bummed abt Nclex.

    It's actually 3 to 4 weeks. I recieved my results 4 weeks from the date I took the test. I think the wait is worst than taking the test, but try to hang in there.
  15. emy912

    Who's still on the NCLEX-PN results waitlist?

    Hang in there pixie! I got my results 4 weeks from the day I took the test and I really think the wait is harder than taking the test. You should be getting the result this week so the wait is almost over.
  16. emy912

    Time Btwn Passing Nclex And Getting License

    In California, I drove up to the BVNPT in Sacramento the day after I got my letter that said I passed and paid for my license. I also got a temporary license at the same time. My name was posted on the BVNPT website 8 days later and I received my permanent license a few days after that.