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  1. University of the Pacific ELMSN waitlisted Fall 2023

    Hi! Thanks for the info & I hope you did great on your interview! 🙂 They told me May as well, they also said they continue to pull students off the waitlist up until the first week of school (pretty long wait >.<). My interview was March 15...
  2. University of the Pacific Nursing program Interview

    Hi everyone! Just now joining this thread. I also have been waitlisted for Fall 2023. Does anyone know how many people they accept from the waitlist and approximately how long would it take to hear back from them if they do pull us from the waitlist?...
  3. Hello! I was recently waitlisted for UoP ELMSN program for Fall 2023. Was wondering if anyone knows the probability of getting pulled off the waitlist and when would be the latest we'd be notified if we are chosen? Please feel free to share your expe...

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