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  1. UofT 2023 Fall intake

    Yeah today, late afternoon-ish
  2. UofT 2023 Fall intake

    Just got an offer from UofT as well but only from JOINuoft, didn't get an email or anything though
  3. UofT 2023 Fall intake

    Just to finish the prerequisite courses and maintain an overall minimum GPA of B+.
  4. UofT 2023 Fall intake

    Heard back from york earlier this week! Turns out neuroanatomy counts as the anatomy prerequisite for anyone who might be in a similar situation as me (since they haven't responded to my email- so I'm assuming they don't LOL)
  5. UofT 2023 Fall intake

    True, thank you so much that's very helpful @curly @Nippseyyz !! I'll definitely look into it and email them 🙂
  6. UofT 2023 Fall intake

    Do you know if it's acceptable to have all 6 credits in physiology? Cuz if they require the half course in physiology and half in anatomy, I only have neuroanatomy which I don't know if that counts?
  7. UofT 2023 Fall intake

    no I haven't but congrats :)!!
  8. UofT 2023 Fall intake

    Congrats! I also applied to york, as well as UofT.
  9. Ontario BScN Accelerated Program Fall 2022

    I think there's one for UofT but I haven't seen a general forum for 2023. It's under "UofT Fall 2023 Intake"
  10. UofT 2023 Fall intake

    Have any of you also applied to other accelerated nursing programs in Ontario? Have you guys heard back yet?

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