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RNmama2JH has 21 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Freelance writer, critical care.

Heather Johnson, BSN, RN earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree at Loyola University Chicago. There she developed a passion for patient education and helping the poor. During her long tenure as a critical care nurse, she received a Daisy Award with several nominations. Authoring critical thinking-based curriculum, she taught nurses both at the workplace and internationally as a missionary nurse. Currently, she is using her 20 years of nursing experience to educate patients through health writing and blogging.


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  1. The Art of Caregiving

    Wonderful! Keep up the good work!
  2. The Art of Caregiving

    Have you ever considered nurses to be artists? We have heard the phrase "Art of Caregiving" before, but what does it mean? The Nurse is the Artist How are nurses artists? We creatively individualize care using our good relationship with the ...