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  1. UCI MEPN Fall 2023

    Hi all. I was a first round applicant waitlister who was admitted last week, but I will not be accepting the spot. It should open up for someone very soon, told them no today. Congratulations to all who will attend the program, and to others waiting-...
  2. Hi all! I was a waitlister who got in. I sent a FB request. Can't wait to meet each of you!
  3. 1 is most difficult, 5 is easy. Don't panic! I'm sure you are fine.
  4. Hi there. Perhaps the people who received an invite today already took the slots for Thursdays and Fridays. I noticed that as soon as I booked mine the time slot option went away. I do see availability showing for tomorrow 3/8 starting at 9:00am. How...
  5. Great. Thank you for the info. & best of luck to you as well!
  6. Hi all! Just received my interview invite about 15 minutes ago. I guess they really are sending them in waves. If anybody has already taken it, just curious if it's a group or solo interview? Best wishes to all! I see everybody's stats and I feel we ...
  7. MSMU ABSN Program Summer 2023

    Yeah, no kidding! Can't wait until everything is done (paperwork, sending vaccination stuff, etc). LOL, best of luck with this.
  8. MSMU ABSN Program Summer 2023

    Thanks for the response! I was worried I didn't submit 22-23, but I just checked FAFSA and I did indeed submit it with MSMU as one of the schools. Weird, I'll reach out to them. Thanks again!
  9. MSMU ABSN Program Summer 2023

    Hi! I have a question for you. Did you submit a while back? I submitted my FAFSA on 1/24/23 and have absolutely nothing in my MSMU inbox regarding financial aid, or anything at all for that matter LOL. Just wondering around what time you submitted yo...
  10. Hi! Sorry, don't fret. It's NOT another application. You definitely submitted correctly! GET is just their internal portal where you are able to check application status. You should have received a temporary student ID # in an email (from CSULA) a fe...
  11. Thank you for the response and beam of hope LOL! Best of luck to you, I hope you get in! 🙂
  12. Hi all! I want to begin by saying that we should all be proud of where we are, and I truly believe everything will fall into place for each of us despite all of the anxiety that this process puts us through. With that being said, congratulations...
  13. Deadline is feb 28. For transcripts deadline is march 17 (maybe that's where you might have been confused since today is also the 17th?). Hope that helps
  14. UCLA MECN 2023

    Oh, absolutely! Especially since the years prior they received an update by now. 😩🧘🏻‍♀️
  15. UCLA MECN 2023

    Hi, I just checked and I am still given access to log on. Still shows status as "submitted" though