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  1. A fellow employee told me about a patient they knew from their personal life. I believe they knew this patient's situation because they talked to the patient's family, who saw this employee in the hallway (or a similar incidental situation) and gave ...
  2. Patient's full name & room number possibly overheard by others?

    no, but I wasn't sure. Good to know, and thank you for taking time to respond.
  3. If other patients and visitors overhear a patient's full name and room number, is this an "incidental" HIPAA example? In a busy, high-pressure unit, visitors were looking for their person and stated the person's full name. Busy, helpful staff shared ...
  4. HIPAA anxiety!

    Thank you for your thoughtful reply. Actually, as I reread my question, yes, the person did say the name and some social connections of the person they knew, which triggered my own thoughts (and internally, I wondered if the person was someone I'd he...
  5. HIPAA anxiety!

    Dear nurses, seeking your input. I believe that my job (as a support staffer at a healthcare facility) has caused me so much stress (and that I seem to lack the coping skills necessary) that I've developed -- or maybe deepened -- a real anxiety about...
  6. Hallway conversation with family too public?

    Thank you for that truly kind, wise, thoughtful input, which I shall take to heart. I should say I'm part of a care team, not an RN but hospital employee, and yes, in general forget that I too am human ♡!
  7. Hallway conversation with family too public?

    And I felt especially bad because the family member named the patient's specific illnesses, which I feared were overheard.
  8. Hallway conversation with family too public?

    Thank you for this. I wasn't the patient's RN but was on the care team, so had an interest in the patient's needs and welfare, and wanted to offer support. While I was in the area, this family member came out of the patient's room asking for help for...
  9. While talking with a family member of a patient in the hallway, I asked, generally, "how are they (meaning the patient)?" The family member mentioned several facts about the patient's condition. About 15 feet away sat a visitor visiting in the room n...