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  1. DSplendid

    Hired Paramedics in your ED???

    Just wondering if anyone else has paramedics working in their ED. We just started hiring Paramedics; as techs.. Thus Far they can: Start IV's Transport mon. pts to tele, or other departments (non-icu) Defib, Pace, give meds per ACLS pr...
  2. oh this is fun, lets see.... copied a whole chart for a transfer...on the wrong pt. while giving report to the most experienced rn...i said: "mrs. so and so is legally blind, i mean she totally can't see!" i had the whole department laug...
  3. DSplendid

    I am a nurse, but I dream of....

    Oh... this is fun... If I was not a nurse... I would be the highest paid actress in major motion pictures. I would also be the most recognized portrait photographer with such clients as Brad Pitt, Aerosmith, and Catherine Zeta-Jone...
  4. DSplendid

    Feeling worried...

    Hey Kirs, Let me first just say,...I have no exp. in L& D other than my own internship during nursing school. ( 7mo's ago). IMHO, don't beat yourself up over it. It sounds like it was madness in there, which can lead even the most veteran nurs...
  5. DSplendid

    Questions: for working, new or experienced RN's

    well...just an update... i have completed exactly one week of nursing as of today.... i must say it is getting easier everyday...but, everyday i still seem to be scared out of my mind...lol. i'm very lucky, my preceptor is an angel, and she mak...
  6. DSplendid

    Questions: for working, new or experienced RN's

    Wow...that is new to me...I'm doing something different. I'm doing 3 days of classroom..to start...orientating to hospital equipment etc. then working 3 months with my preceptor, and then 2 months of more classes on and off. It used to be (stopped ju...
  7. DSplendid

    Questions: for working, new or experienced RN's

    Thank you so much DaytoNite.....
  8. DSplendid

    for those who used Mosby's online CAT....

    Same here...I was getting 94% on the Mosby...then I went upto 99%.... Passed my boards with 75 questions... Some classmates were getting 84%...and also passed the nclex.. Good luck
  9. DSplendid

    Oh Yeah! I passed!!!

  10. hello... i just had a few questions for those who have started working as an rn or have been for awhile. first...i start orientating in 2 weeks. i've already worked at this hospital and this department for about a year as a nurse tech/aid. the w...
  11. DSplendid

    coping with failing the NCLEX

    Buddhanah.... Picking up the pieces after a such a dissapointment; is always the hardest part. Every single emotion you feel is not only normal its expected. The pain your feeling right now must be horrific; but this too will pass. For now, take ti...
  12. DSplendid

    Happy 4th

    :balloons: just wanted to wish all of you happy 4th of july those who are awaiting or have yet to take the nclex...i'm sending positive vibes and prayers your way... good luck and everyone try to enjoy the holiday. ~d :balloons:
  13. DSplendid


    Hello...congrats on getting excepted, and lucky you to have such kind friends. I have to tell you, IMHO a littman classic is 10 times better than sprague, as for a Cardio?? I don't really know what they mean. I have a littman master cardiology it ...
  14. DSplendid


    hahahaha....that makes two of us
  15. DSplendid

    Someone Make Me Feel Better!

    Your so not alone..... I passed and felt just like you did at 75, however, 3 friends of mine just passed one with 140, and 2 at 260+. So keep strong, keep busy, the way you feel is the way everyone feels...sending positive vibes your way ~D
  16. DSplendid

    Source of Prioritization questions?

    I'll tell you, I'm glad you did...I really liked it, some questions are easy...some are not. What I really liked was seeing how you get stronger as you go throught the chapters, I didn't finish the whole book by the time I took my NCLEX, but I felt v...