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LittleMsDaisy has 5 years experience and specializes in MICU.

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  1. Johns Hopkins CRNA 2023

    I hope they do send out their decision asap I got an offer
  2. Johns Hopkins CRNA 2023

    I hope they do send out their decision asap
  3. Johns Hopkins CRNA 2023

    Talked to JHU. Decision date is somewhere early Dec. acceptance rate for those who were interviewed is 35%. There was approx 70s people interviewed
  4. Thomas Jefferson CRNA 2023

  5. Thomas Jefferson CRNA 2023

    Got waitlisted for interview
  6. Johns Hopkins CRNA 2023

    This makes me so nervous. I had my interview in mid October.
  7. Johns Hopkins CRNA 2023

    Have anyone heard anything?
  8. Johns Hopkins CRNA 2023

    Talked to a current SRNA from JHU. The school sent her the decision in the early Dec.
  9. Johns Hopkins CRNA 2023

    Also who are the interviewers?
  10. Johns Hopkins CRNA 2023

    Does anyone know when will they send out acceptance/wait-lost/rejection letters?
  11. Rutgers CRNA 2023

    Thank you for sharing. Ugh that sucks. Not even an invite is so discouraging
  12. Fairfield CRNA 2023

    Anyone else hear anything ?
  13. Rutgers CRNA 2023

    Anyone called the admin office about the progress?
  14. Rutgers CRNA 2023

    Spoke with admission office and they said they will continue to send invites in within 2-3 weeks
  15. UPENN CRNA 2024

    Just wanted to start a thread for those who applied/ is applying for the doctoral CRNA at UPenn 2024