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  1. Will my social life really be over?

    @kbrn2002 Hello! Thank you for your response. I have taken all my pre reqs. So I only have to take. Fundamentals,Pharm,OB,Peds, Mental health, Med surg 1-3, and Professional Practice In nursing. (For the entire program) The clinical hours are 12 hr...
  2. Will my social life really be over?

    @beachbanana Thank you for your response! Thankfully I do not have to work! Next semester is Med surg 1 and OB. Schedule is basically the same 2 lecture days and 1 clinical. Would you say that is a heavy course load? Or 2-3 hours a day would be good.
  3. Will my social life really be over?

    @londonflo can see where you are coming from. I guess it just that 2hrs a day would equal my course hour x2. So Im having a hard grasp of understanding why it would need to be more. Will the content be harder? Absolutely. So yes it will be harder con...
  4. Will my social life really be over?

    @londonflo Wow. That was not up lifting at all. In my program the first 2 tests were actually the hardest and the average was around 78%. I made an 94. I guess the term “busywork” does offended some people but even my profs say that they don't have b...
  5. Hello! I am in my first semester of nursing school at an ADN college. I am taking fundamentals and pharmacology. All I hear all day and every day that you will have no social life. So far I have been studying every day for about 2-3ish hours every mo...