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Allison Minor-Green

Pediatrics, Pediatric Nurse Pracitioner
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Allison Minor-Green has 14 years experience and specializes in Pediatrics, Pediatric Nurse Pracitioner.

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  1. Natural "Medicine"?

    I totally agree with you mmc51264. As well as, know that the purity of an essential oil is very important. Education is a must!
  2. Natural "Medicine"?

    Hi Emergent RN! No, essential oils are extracted volatile, aromatic compounds found in plants, trees, fruits and those alike. Yes, those who do sell essential oils build teams, have classes to teach others about the benefits of essential oils and som...
  3. Natural "Medicine"?

    More and more patients are choosing to take charge of their health by utilizing natural treatment modalities before seeking care from their medical providers. How do medical professionals equip themselves with the necessary tools to confidently treat...