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  1. UNCG DNP AGPCNP Fall 2023

    I have been accepted into this program!
  2. @SN2751 I have tried to message you, but it won't let me for some reason!
  3. Thank you so much for responding! I am about. 1.5 hours from UNCG, so distance has definitely been one of my concerns. You also mentioned a few other things that I hadn't thought about, so I definitely appreciate you giving a detailed response!
  4. Which school did you decide to go with? I have also been accepted into both programs and am trying to decide which is the best fit!
  5. Posting this to connect with others who are applying to UNCG's BSN-DNP AGPCNP program for this upcoming fall!
  6. Averett University MSN FNP Spring 2023

    That’s what I am being told. I was supposed to start in August and they had to delay until January. Now, will have to wait until the fall of next year. I declined acceptances for this past August because I felt this program was the best fit for me. I...
  7. Creating this forum to connect with people applying to Averett's MSN-FNP program for the Spring 2023 semester!! (:

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