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  1. UCSD New Grad Residency March 2023

    I also got a call from the NICU! Congrats to you guys too!
  2. UCSD New Grad Residency March 2023

    Mine changed today to "pending interview decision" super nervous
  3. UCSD New Grad Residency March 2023

    Did anyone interview for the NICU today? How's it go?
  4. UCSD New Grad Residency March 2023

    Has anyone else interviewed this week? Also, did you email additional materials before the interview and if so what?
  5. UCSD New Grad Residency March 2023

    Got an interview for the NICU anyone else?
  6. Scripps March/May 2023

    I received an offer from Encinitas! Every hospital is different. But I’m sure everyone will hear soon!
  7. Scripps March/May 2023

    Has anyone interviewed or received offers for Encinitas? I was told I would hear the week of Jan 9-13 because the manager was going on vacation and would have more interviews in beginning of Jan.
  8. Scripps March/May 2023

    I had my interview this week. I had one clinical question and a lot of behavioral. Not supposed to find out until mid Jan possibly.
  9. Rady Children's New Grad Residency Fall 2022

    What kind of experience did you have before you were hired in the NICU? How is the program going?
  10. Tri-City New Grad Feb 2023

    I was rejected, so it looks like you prob got the job
  11. Scripps March/May 2023

    Mine is for Encinitas. And yea they mostly only hire new grads for regular med surg. Mine just says “medical acute” which I think was my 4th choice.
  12. Tri-City New Grad Feb 2023

    Thanks! Let us know how your interview was and if they told you anything more about hearing back etc!
  13. Tri-City New Grad Feb 2023

    Oh that’s awesome! Should give you a good chance. My school didn’t have internship placements in the NICU, so I only have some clinical time there from school and some of the certifications. Not really sure how many applied or what to expect. Good lu...
  14. Tri-City New Grad Feb 2023

    Yea NICU is my top and really only choice of the ones they have. There is no L&D or Postpartum for this program. They didn’t say how many for NICU but I think it’s 2 because of the job posting but not sure. Do you have background/experience in NI...
  15. Tri-City New Grad Feb 2023

    Oh cool! No haven’t heard yet. I think the email said next week. What units were you top choices and when did you interview? The interview was a little confusing for me, I didn’t expect all units at once.