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  1. Which ICU do you like and why?

    Hi! I had the opportunity as a new grad to experience basically every kind of ICU in a rotation as part of a critical care internship over an 8 month period. I currently work in the cardiovascular ICU. What I love about it is the variety in high and ...
  2. Best DFW Hospitals for nurses

    Hi there! I am a nurse from the PNW who has worked in DFW for 2+ years. First of all, unions are really hard to come by in Texas as far as I've found... In Dallas you have the major hospitals-- Baylor, UTSW, Parkland. Then there are branches of ...
  3. New Grad NICU RN Feeling Ashamed. What to do?

    All that I really have to say is that nursing is an incredibly dynamic career with SO many options that you should be able to pivot to something that makes you feel like you're meant to be there. This idea is exactly why I studied nursing-- you can d...
  4. Switching units

    Very exciting things ahead! I have experience in multiple ICUs and the ER, currently working in a CVICU. I think this all depends on what kind of FNP you want to be! I think working in the ER is NOT for the faint of heart and you really have to ...
  5. To sign the contract or not to sign?

    I feel similarly to the above comment. I signed a contract as a new nurse (no bonus received) but I was in a rigorous new grad program/internship which offered 8 months of classroom experience paired with precepted clinical work in 5 ICUs and the ER....
  6. Transition to NICU

    Hi all, Looking for advice as I navigate the next few years of my career. I have a background exclusively in critical care nursing since I graduated nursing school. I was in an intensive training program across multiple ICUs and the ED, then wor...