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  1. ASU ABSN 2023

    me too!!!
  2. ASU ABSN 2023

    I emailed them, here is what I got: I hope this email finds you well. As of right now advancement letters have not gone out yet but we are working to get them out as soon as decisions are finalized. Thank you for your patience!
  3. ASU ABSN 2023

    have you emailed them? I'm going a little crazy.
  4. ASU ABSN 2023

    has anyone heard anything yet?
  5. ASU ABSN 2023

    Does anyone know what the date is for notification of conditional admission? I was rereading the health requirements section of the advancement guide and it said that everything is due by October 16th....
  6. ASU ABSN 2023

    I was terrified as well. I freaked out when I did'nt get an email confirming it and had to email an advisor...I felt really bad. As far as I can tell there are no meaningful scholarships (a few for under 1000 but nothing that really adds up). I...
  7. ASU ABSN 2023

    I'm sorry that you will have to take loans, I am going to try to avoid it but I doubt that I will manage. What was it like applying in past years? Did you get to the acceptance and health forms stage?
  8. ASU ABSN 2023

    I'm in state. This is also my 2nd bachelors so I took all the classes at community college (hence the perfect GPA). I already submitted my application ( I met with an advisor in early August). You can see if your transcripts were received by check...
  9. ABSN ASU 2022

    Hi everyone, I am applying for the January 2023 entrance and I just wanted to know how you all are getting on in the program? How smoothly did all the health and safety stuff go? Anything I should know beforehand?
  10. ASU ABSN 2023

    I think we are in good shape, mine is 1.94.
  11. ASU ABSN 2023

    Hi all, Anyone out there applying to ASU's ABSN program for this Spring?