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  1. FranU CRNA 2023

    No they had copies printed they were writing on.
  2. LSU CRNA Spring 2023

    Congrats y’all!! Are they asking y’all to put a deposit down for your spots by a certain time?
  3. FranU CRNA 2023

    Not sure how long it was because I got there early but I think they took me straight back. So most likely close to 30-40 min. We kinda started with the 'tell me about yourself' intro. I have another science degree so a lot of it was resume reviewal a...
  4. FranU CRNA 2023

    I saw they were doing like two interviews at a time. I had the director and assistant director plus another professor. Other room looked like it was the clinical site professor and two other educational professors. But they were all CRNAs and not the...
  5. FranU CRNA 2023

    How was it!!?
  6. FranU CRNA 2023

    Interview today was great. I showed up a little early just because I was nervous about being late even had a nightmare about it last night LOL. But it was beneficial to show up early because they had some of their current students in the sim lab answ...
  7. LSU CRNA Spring 2023

    Looks like that one little group got in and that’s it. Wonder what’s coming next! Maybe this Friday we’ll hear more.
  8. FranU CRNA 2023

    11am! Gunna drive in and stay the night before hand to get ready. Coming from Texas
  9. LSU CRNA Spring 2023

    Thanks for the response after getting in! Hanging on the hook is killing us all I’m sure. Especially after watching others get in. A bit of FOMO. But it’s so hard to anticipate their next move. Appreciate your insight! Things are seemed sporadic righ...
  10. LSU CRNA Spring 2023

    They 100% have not finished making their decisions. I’ve been tracking this all very closely LOL. They have lots of interviews to go and possible IT issues to contend with. My one question is what the strategy is with adding on more interviews? Could...
  11. LSU CRNA Spring 2023

    Any more calls of acceptance this Friday like last Friday? Or are we all still waiting?
  12. LSU CRNA Spring 2023

    Ooooooh I wonder if they prolonged interview days because there were issues like yours?
  13. LSU CRNA Spring 2023

    Yea no calls here. I interviewed 7/19 and no calls to my friend who interviewed 8/4.
  14. FranU CRNA 2023

    You’re not gunna faint you’ll be fine! I def Like FranU but I’ll be happy anywhere I get in. Where else did you apply?
  15. LSU CRNA Spring 2023

    Me too but I think they only called a handful of people on Friday to offer spots. They obviously have more people to interview from what we're hearing so I wouldn't get too down. I believe they'll call more people this week.