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byebyebedside has 5 years experience as a BSN, MSN, RN, NP and specializes in Pediatrics.

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  1. NICU Nurses Are Not Nannies

    As a NICU nurse who has taken care of quite a few patients for the first 11-12 months of their lives and observed how their parents care for and interact with them I can make a few general comments about some of your comments. We usually know if it's...
  2. I have worked with a few nurses who transitioned from adult care to NICU but only one nurse who transitioned from NICU to adult care. Very few NICU nurses leave and I do think you would be pigeonholing yourself in the NICU world. I started with...
  3. NICU Nurses Are Not Nannies

    I work in pediatrics because I love kids and I moved to the NICU because I love babies however, the lack of parental involvement is shocking and frustrating. I am leaving the bedside for good and one of the reasons is because I didn’t get into ...