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  1. Mid-Life Blues

    Thank you, ThePrincessBride. I appreciate your perspective
  2. Mid-Life Blues

    Thank you, RNperdiem and DavidFR. Reading your posts gives me hope! Great advice.
  3. Mid-Life Blues

    I'm a 50 yo new nurse working nights on a med-surg unit. I love my work but my coworkers are unbearable! Most of the other night shift nurses are half my age and extremely immature. I thought that people choosing the nursing profession would be profe...
  4. New Grad Scared to Start in Med-Surg

    I'm 51 and a new nurse. I started on a med-surg specialty unit this year. I am handling the 12 hour night shifts physically just fine. However, the other night shift nurses are all very young and most of them are extremely immature. I wouldn't mind e...