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  1. UTEP vs UT Tyler PMHNP programs?

    Thank you. I will definitely come back and post here. Good luck to you as well!
  2. UTEP vs UT Tyler PMHNP programs?

    That makes perfect sense. I am disappointed in UTA program so far. It has been bad since orientation. The advisors are not helpful if you ask them to outline your entire program. They told me that they can not do that because not all classes are offe...
  3. UTEP vs UT Tyler PMHNP programs?

    congratulations! I also received my acceptance email from UT Tyler PMHNP program today for Spring 2023. I have to decide between Texas Tech and UT Tyler. Hopefully someone will reply to you. I started my PMHNP at UT Arlington this fall because I did ...
  4. UTA RN FNP Online

    I think it really depends on your instructor. For our instructor, she has recorded lectures, lecture notes and chapter outline. Some instructors give you blueprint, but ours don't. So basically you read the lecture notes and try to understand the con...
  5. UTA RN FNP Online

    Hi Taylor. I am currently enrolled in PMHNP program. Application process was very straightforward. I applied online and received acceptance in less than 3 weeks. PMHNP is technically a hybrid program but we only have to go on campus during health ass...
  6. Hi y'all! I just received my acceptance email to PMHNP program at Texas Tech for Spring 2023. I did not see any thread for it, hence starting this one. Anyone else is accepted to start in Spring?. I am also registered to start for PMHNP program in Fa...
  7. PMHNP student seeking preceptor!!

    Hi. Just wanted to ask if you have reached out to Integral Care in Austin?. They are one the biggest mental health providers in Austin. I am not sure if Austin State Hospital has option for preceptors. You can also try Austin Oaks and Austin Lakes ho...