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Home Care, Palliative Care, Elder Care

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Alyssa Kay is a BSN, RN and specializes in Home Care, Palliative Care, Elder Care.

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  1. Starting Homecare Agency in Ontario

    Hi Merry, I totally get it!! I've been there! Cheers! Alyssa
  2. I hated nursing, So I started my own business.

    Thanks for sharing your story! Working shifts is exhausting. I definitely agree that many nurses think that nursing and business are mutually exclusive. We need more nurse run health care businesses. I really think that the nursing perspective l...
  3. Nurse Entrepreneur Roll Call!

    I started a private home care business for seniors in 2010 and have been running it since then. It took me a while to consider myself an "entrepreneur" and I'm Canadian so anything to do with private health care is a bit tricky here....but there is s...
  4. Interested in Nurse Entrepreneurship

    HI! I know this is an old post but I figured I would reply anyway in case it is helpful to someone. I'm an RN and I started my own home care business. It's definitely different than creating your own personal brand, but since then I also built a...
  5. An RN with her own SPA BUSINESS?

    Being a nurse entrepreneur is super exciting! Definitely go for it! When you are working independently it definitely important to know the scope of practice like others have mentioned, but as a business owner you can also hire staff with the sk...
  6. Starting own home health care company in florida

    I started my own home health care agency, and I've been running it for over 12 years now. It's a bit overwhelming at first, I know! One you get the business registration out of the way, then you get to start doing the fun stuff - client care! I buil...
  7. Starting Homecare Agency in Ontario

    Hi! I started a home care business in 2010 and have been running it since then. I'm an RN and I wanted the opportunity to spend the time I wanted with my patients. The demand is mostly for non-medical care in the community (I.e companion and psw car...