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Shriya Trivedi BSN, MSN, RN, NP

CCU/ MICU/ Cardiac/ Neuro
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Shriya Trivedi has 6 years experience as a BSN, MSN, RN, NP and specializes in CCU/ MICU/ Cardiac/ Neuro.

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  1. AANP exam prep

    I wish I did that! people also recommended Walden to me. I kept pushing it off and now it's too late. I did look it up on quizlet and it reenforced things I knew and I learned things that I had forgotten as well. I like that she focuses on pharm.
  2. AANP exam prep

    Thank you for these tips. I did look up Sarah Michelle on quizlet and found some good content. Also did the PSI exams on quizlet and am really really praying that the actual exam is similar level of difficulty/ straight forward. I did exceptionally w...
  3. AANP exam prep

    Hi!! I am posting this today to seek some guidance from fellow NPs who have passed their board exam or learned better study techniques if you failed the exam. I am preparing for the AANP FNP exam. I graduated in December but had a heavy semeste...